We’re Here to Help

The Track Dr. has built running tracks for over 25 years. Our services range from crack repairs to installing new Athletic Facilities. The Doctors will cure any of your track’s ailments. Running track construction is a big deal and the Doctors are ready to help!

New Running Track | Resurface Running Track | Paint  | Repair 

Get the best when it comes to your running surface.

New Running Track Systems

You’ve come to the right place for your new synthetic rubberized surface. We’re ready to build your Running tracks.

  • Take a look at this guide to building a running track!

Track Refurbishing

As tracks age they lose depth, the rubber hardens, and the color fades. The Track Doctor will return an old track to it’s former glory!


The Doctors know how to paint running tracks.

Learn about track painting, logos, and exchange zones!


It doesn’t matter if your track suffers from: wear and tear, vandalism, balding, The Doctors can cure all track ailments.


Act Global will install a synthetic running turf or play surface. Learn more about Act Global  turf fields.