The TDR-100 Spray Coat adds strength and durability to your running track.

When a running track has seen a few years it is beneficial to give it a spray coat. Spray Coats reseal the track, refresh the rubber color, and extend the life of your running track.

When should you add a spray coat?

Spray coats are great to add when the rubber still has a good feel and rubber depth. The goal of a spray coat is to give your track a beautiful refreshed look while extending track life.

This coat works well with budgetary restrictions that schools can work with. Instead of letting the track be run down until it needs to be scraped and replaced it saves money to properly maintain the track.

What’s the Process?

The field is prepared and curbs are taped off to ensure cleanliness of the final product. Once the field is prepared the track doctor begins mixing the highly pigmented coating.

Prior to spraying the Doctor’s address any repairs that were brought up. repairs done prior to a fresh seal will hide the damaged areas much better.

Fresh Paint

Once the running track is sprayed and the coat has dried the track is repainted. The running track receives a fresh set of stripes. The running track has been sprayed and looks like a brand new track!