Track Doctor Services

The Track Doctor offers multiple Running Tracks Services.

We’re happy to offer running track services that cover the smallest crack to design-building a brand new running track. Whatever ailments your track faces we can address the concerns and ensure your track’s health.

We will be happy to provide you with any information you’re looking for. Our running track services begingĀ  with future project forecasting, track evaluations and getting things in place. Running track construction is a big deal and the Doctors are ready to help!

Running Track Services

Design-Build Running Track | Resurface Running Track | Paint and Repaint |Repair Running Tracks | Spray Coat | Track Consulting|


We Build Quality Running Tracks.

What can we build for you?


We can add depth and extend the life of your existing running track.

Let us resurface your track!


Do you need a new track painted or just need the lines refreshed?

We can paint your track!


Tracks get beaten up but the Doctors can help.

Tracks can get beaten up.

The Doctors can repair them.

Revitalize your Track

Spray Coats are great to seal up fairly new tracks. After a few years a spray coat will reseal the rubber and then we’ll repaint the track!

CONSULTINGWe'll help you

Robert Stone ran track in High School setting Idaho State Records.

Robert has over 25+ years of experience in building tracks and managing large projects.

Let his experience work for you!