Track Refurbishing

TDR-100x or TDR-300FP

TDR-100, TDR-100x or TDR-350fp

Add a seal coat with TDR-100, Refurbish your poly-resin running track with TDR-100x or your polyurethane track with a TDR-350fp 

Track Resurfacing

Running tracks get beat up just by being a running track. After countless people running, walking and enjoying the track it starts to show wear. As time passes the track rubber hardens and the depth slowly wears away. Runner’s begin to notice the surface hardening and it can negatively effect a runner’s health. If the track foundation is still in good shape it’s time for a track resurfacing.

Why Track Resurfacing?

Running tracks are a large investment and maintaining it’s health can save money over the years.  Track Resurfacing provides an economical step to prolonging the life of your running track. Resurfacing adds new rubber and restores the feel of a fresh running track. Resurfacing can save the costs for scraping off a track and building a brand new running track.

What is the process?

The Track Doctors come and evaluate your track’s health. We will check the foundation to make sure it’s in good shape to take new rubber on. We will also take a look at any damaged portions of the track to evaluate any necessary repairs.

Once that is done we will send our diagnosis and send the full scope of the project to you. Once everything is clear we will begin!

The Track Doctors come in and prepare the facility. Provided the foundation is still in good shape we are able to resurface the tracks.  We address any previously discussed repairs so the new layers of rubber mask any patchwork.

Once the area is prepared we apply the new layers of rubber. Track resurfacing applies a new 1/4″ of rubber depth to restore track feel.

After the rubber is laid down we then add a new spray coat. The Spray coat fully seals the rubber and adds vibrant color. This dries down and then the track is painted to National Standards.

In conclusion, you’ve got a 1/4″ of fresh rubber, new seal coat, and a fresh paint job.


Add strength and durability to your running track.

When a running track has seen a few years it is beneficial to give it a spray coat. Spray Coats reseal the track, refresh the rubber color, and extend the life of your running track.

Spray coats are great to add when the rubber still has a good feel and rubber depth. The goal of a spray coat is to give your track a beautiful refreshed look while extending track life.

This coat works well with budgetary restrictions that schools can work with. Instead of letting the track be run down until it needs to be scraped and replaced it saves money to properly maintain the track.


Restore depth and renew your running track!

The TDR100X is great to add when your track has lost depth and the rubber has hardened. We can come and add an additional 1/4″ of rubber to your running track. Once the new rubber is applied we add the TDR100 Spray coat which is Plexitrac Lightning.

With new rubber and highly pigmented coating applied the Track Doctor will paint your new stripes. The Lines are accurate and we can also add custom painting at the time.

Restore depth, aesthetics, and rubber foot feel to your track with the TDR100X today!


Rebuild your fast track with new rubber and enhanced looks!

Polyurethane or Base-mat tracks will eventually get worn down. Instead of scraping and tearing these tracks out you can have the doctors renew life and foot feel to your running track. Adding the additional rubber, coating, and fresh stripes will completely renew your track!

Are you ready to re-top your track?