Track Repairs

The Track Doctor is no stranger to running track repairs

Over the lifespan of the Track Doctor we have completed many different running track repairs. We are no stranger to the various and sometimes comical ways a track can be damaged.  Whatever happens to your track we can help fix it.

Track Repairs

The Track Doctor can fix patches, cracks, and graffiti. We’re able to evaluate the damaged portions of the running track and diagnose the problem. Repairs will be done and we strive to leave the running track repairs looking as natural as possible.

Running track repairs are great to have in place prior to a track resurface or spray coat.

Taking care of these issues will help your tracks longevity. Please let us know if you need anything done!

Various causes for repairs

Normal Wear and tear slowly damages the running track. Friday night games can bring the football team out wearing cleats on the track, track meets have hundreds of athletes digging in to beat their best times, and add the casual walkers from the community. Slowly but surely track use wears down the track.

  • Vandalism can occur during Senior pranks, school rivalries, and malicious reasons.
  • The track doctor has covered up all kinds of graffiti.
  • Individuals using a running track as a vehicle race track.  Cars speeding around rubberized tracks will dig and tear into the rubber. Cars + Speed + Tracks do not mix!
  • The 4th of July can bring around the idea of using a running track as a fireworks launch pad. This burns the track and can burn large holes into the rubber surface.

We’re happy to help with any and all track repairs!