Track Paint Services

The face of the running track is the face of your athletic department. Over time, running tracks will weather due to typical wear and tear caused by prolonged use. If there ever comes a time where you’re not proud of your track’s condition, then it’s time for The Track Doctor to step in.

We paint lines to the National Certified standards. From the standard stripes to customized logos we are happy to facilitate your track’s paint needs.

Our lines are painted to the National Federation’s Standards. When building a track this is included in the bid and package that people receive. Seeing lines laid down on a brand new rubber track signals the near completion of a new track.


We’ve been painting tracks for years! New painting is including in building new tracks but if you want to outsource the painting we’re here to help!


Repainting is an economical investment to make your track look great. The lifetime of your new repaint will last for years and look great!

Let’s repaint that track!


Track inlays add a cool effect to your running track. It will add life to your track and makes the lines pop! Runners will see the lines and the crowd will enjoy the lines.


We love our school’s logos. Proudly paint your school’s logo on your running track. Show your school pride!