New Tracks.

New Track Installations

The Track Dr. offers multiple track systems to chose from.

If you’re building your first track you can read our extensive list of steps and options you have when building a running track.

We waste no time in getting you the best plans and advice to sucessfully achieve your goals!

TDR-200X 13 mm Poly-resin Running Surface

Plexitrac Lightning

The TDR 200X is our best-selling running track. This rubberized Poly-resin running surface is built with Plexitrac products. Build your seamless running track!

TDR 200XL 15 mm Poly-resin Running Surface

Plexitrac Lightning

The TDR 200XL is a seamless poly-resin running track which adds an extra layer of rubber and an additional 2″ mm of depth. Let’s build your track!

TDR-300BM Base mat Structural Spray

13 mm depth

The TDR-300BP is a two layer, colored, polyurethane running surface. The Base-mat structural spray track provides a depth of 13 mm.

Full-Pour Polyurethane Track

13 mm depth

The Track Doctor will install a multi-layered, water-resistant and airtight polyurethane track. This Polyurethane track results in a 13 mm depth!

Plexitrac Accelerator

Plexitrac Lightning

Plexitrac Surfacer

Chances are, building a track isn’t your only responsibility so that’s why we offer consulting. Apply our knowledge and experience to expedite your track project. Track Doctor plans are written to certified national levels and take the stress out of track construction.

Our experienced crews build quality tracks with service and passion so you can be confident in the purchase you’re going to make. With that in mind we can confidently provide a 5-year warranty on all of our running tracks!

Build A Track

There is a lot that goes into the running track so here’s a basic walk-through of what you should consider.

  1. The foundation: Concrete or Asphalt
  2. Rubber: What types of Rubber are available and custom rubber options
  3. Track Types: What types and how they are installed
  4. The Final Spray Coat
  5. Paint Jobs and Custom Paint options

Step 1: The Foundation

Everything should be built upon a solid foundation. We don’t personally do asphalt or concrete installations but we’re happy to help. For tracks that we’re building we can also work with the installers to double check they install the foundation properly.

Asphalt is the standard base we install on. Pavers will dig up and grade the area to create a flat 400m running track.

Concrete can lead to a long lasting surface. When this is installed it should be noted that texture should be added so the rubber running surface has something to stick to. Overly smooth concrete can be slick when it comes to binding rubber to the surface.

Post-tension Concrete is the most durable surface available. This is supported by heavy cables that will ensure long lasting life of your running track foundation. This is by far the most expensive foundation available.

Step 2: Pick your track type

Full-Pour Polyurethane – This track is installed by creating a base layer that sits and rubber is dropped.

Base Mat Structural Spray – Base Mat Structural sprays are paved in place. The base mat is installed using SBR rubber to build up a rubber base. Once the base is installed we add the top coat of EPDM rubber which can be colorized.

Poly Resin Running Tracks – These running tracks are installed layer by layer. The Rubber is dropped and then sprayed with Plexitrac binder. Depending on the desired depths we will build a 5-layer 13’mm or 6-layer 15’mm depth.

Step 3: Pick your track type

Rubber builds up every running track and depending on the installation type we will use different ratios of 2x different types of rubber.

EPDM – EPDM Rubber (Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) is a versatile, aesthetic, and safe rubber granule. The doc uses EPDM for the top layers of a rubberized running surface but can build the entire track with EPDM. Colored rubber will always be EPDM rubber.

SBR – SBR Rubber (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) Builds up the lower layers of rubber. This economical rubber is used because it’s resistant to abrasion and ages well especially when protected with coating.

Rubber Colors

Black Rubber is the standard track color and we provide a black rubber bid upon request as the standard. We will build from there!

Colored Rubber tracks. We offer multiple color options to build your track. Are your school colors purple and green? We can build a purple track with green exchange zones and vice versa.

We build tracks exactly how you envision your rubberized running surface so look at the color choices!

Customize Your Rubber

We offer a wide host of custom rubber configurations. We can create an exchange zone that boasts a different color of rubber. Would you want to install a D-pad and install runways of a different rubber color? Do you want to create exchange zones with a different color of rubber? We’re always ready to rock and roll!

Colored inlays add a great effect to your running track’s exchange zones and we do this to make your exchange zones pop! Runners will clearly see the upcoming zones and enjoy the exchanges.

Step 4: The Texture Coat

Once the track is built to depth we then spray it with a highly pigmented coating layer. This final coat layers the rubber track with extra color and seals the rubber. This spray coat is our TDR100 and can be applied to existing tracks to revitalize a running track.

Step 5: Track Paint

With the rubberized running surface installed we will finish the job with a fresh coat of paint. The paint lines are measured and laser sighted in to ensure accuracy. These lines are painted to IAAF national standards.

Custom Paint

Our track installations include the standard paint stripping job and will include your school’s name in block letters. However, we definitely offer paint customization.


School Logos we can get a picture of your school’s logo and create a setncil for it. Is your school the pirates and you want the Jolly Roger’s grin sprayed out onto your running track? We’d be happy to add your school’s logo to your new running track.

Exchange Zones

Exchange Zones can be changed from white to whatever color you choose. This improves the visibility of the exchange zones and looks great for runners. Let’s get your exchange zones customized and we’re happy to add this to your job.

Step 6: Track Maintenance

Once your track is installed propermaintenance will extend the life of your running track. You can learn about track maintenance here!

The TDR-200X and TDR-200XL

We’re proud to offer the TDR-200X and TDR-200XL seamless running tracks. This poly-resin seamless running tracks are built with water-born Plexitrac products. We utilize this green alternative to be environmentally conscious and inspire Leed Credits for schools.

Our tracks are built correctly to ensure track health and another reason being athletes and the community enjoy the running track.

The TDR-200X

The most popular running track we’ve installed is the TDR-200X. This 13mm depth employs building 5 layers of rubber. This track provides the most cost-effective running track that will last for years. Once the layers are installed we put the TDR-100 spray coat before painting the lines.

The TDR-200XL

The Brand New TDR-200XL is being offered. With the popularity of our the 200X we’ve decided to add an extra layer of rubber. The track depth becomes 15mm and gives 2mm of more rubber to run on!

The Installation Process

Firstly, we apply rubber in layers to create a seamless track. The reason to go seamless is to avoid splitting rubber in the future. Rubber is laid and sprayed with a water-based poly resin binder. The water-based poly resin dries to fully cement the rubber in place.

Layer By Layer

We build the track you want and this includes the color of rubber you select. Pick from a wide range of colors for your new running track. Our bids start with black rubber as the default and include color bids by request.

Final Spray Coat

Once the rubber is down we apply the final spray coat. We spray a highly pigmented plexitrac seal coat to seal the rubber and add color. The color pops with the seal coat application.


We paint the running tracks to national standards. The lines are measured in with a laser to ensure accuracy. Fresh lines are thrown onto the new track. Finally, the running track looks great and can have runners on it within hours.

Sport Surfacing Systems

Plexipave provides technologically advanced sport surfacing systems to provide runners with the highest levels of surface performance for competition and cushioning for safe training. We use the accelerator track surfacer to build our TDR-200X and TDR-200XL poly-resin running tracks.

High performance track surfacing systems are made with proprietary Poly-Resin binders for a balance of dynamic response and cushion for safety. The track systems have been developed to minimize stress and fatigue to reduce the probability of injuries and accidents.

We utilize due to technological advancements and history of success. We use Plexitrac Sport Surfacing Systems to resurface, refurbish and enhance existing EPDM, SBR poly-resin tracks.

Track Doctor builds durable, resilient, and water-based track surfaces. These systems meet or exceed the IAAF requirements for force reduction, slip resistance, vertical deformation, and force reduction.


Lightning is built with select black SBR rubber granules bound together with a black pigmented Binder. Which is top coated with a highly pigmented black finish coat of either Plexitrac Coating or Surfacer for additional long term UV light stability and abrasion resistance. Plexitrac Lightning can be updated to Plexitrac Accelerator at scheduled maintenance cycle.

Environmentally Friendly Running Tracks

Long-term goals are being environmentally conscience as we focus on preserving our planet. The Track Doctor provides cohesive, durable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly track surface which meet the standards set by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF).

Sport Surfacing Systems recycle and post-industrial components in each of the formulations. Plexitrac products provide a big bonus for clients by being able to facilitate valuable credits under the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED rating system

Schools are switching to tracks free of heavy metal hazards. Poly-Resin technology has no need for heavy metal components and tests to indicate a mercury and lead hazard product.

Each track system provides unique characteristics and attributes suited to the needs of our customers.

  • Increases Health and Longevity for Players of All Ages
  • Adjustable Level of Cushioning
  • Leading UV Formulation Protects Pigmentation Against Color Fading
  • Can customize to all ITF Pace Ratings