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Company Values


We believe Service is the key to creating positive relationships. We want to help you with all of your running track needs.


We believe our word is the our bond. We will do what we say and come through for you!


We ensure our tracks are built to the highest quality standards. We don't cut corners when it comes to our tracks.


Building a track is a daunting track. We remain open and available so our clients have a direct line to us.

The Track Doctor promise

The Track Doctor will build the highest quality track, repair damaged tracks, and paint running tracks.

We look forward to working with you.

Great service, quality products, and doing the job done right the first time.

Robert Stone

Founder and CEO

Robert Stone has been building tracks for over 25 years. Robert has painted Olympic trial tracks, built tracks in all of the contiguous United States, and has built the Track Doctor through hard work, quality, and customer service.

Neil Johnatakis

Crew Lead and Master Striper

Neil has been building tracks for over 7 years. Beginning after high school he would build tracks from the west to the east coast. Neil has honed his skills in the art of track building. Neil is looking forward to helping with your track!

Kyle Martes


Kyle began building tracks right after leaving High School. He has built tracks all over the west coast and began leading crews in 2017.

Rad Ryan

Sales, Marketing, Service, Web Design

Rad Ryan has been serving customers, selling quality products and building relationships. How can I help you?