Track Painting

The face of the running track is the face of your athletic department.

Over time, running tracks will weather due to typical wear and tear caused by prolonged use. If there ever comes a time where you're not proud of your track's condition, then it's time for The Track Doctor to step in.

Firstly, we can assist you by verifying that the base surface of the track is in optimal condition. Keep in mind, painting won't cover up surface abnormalities or other kinds of cosmetic damage to the track. In these cases, the track must be repaired prior to its painting. The track can be custom painted to reflect any colors or brand logo you desire. The lane stripes and markings painted on the track are guaranteed to be certifiably accurate.

Repainting is usually the most economical investment you can make when it comes to making your track look great. The lifetime of your new repainting job will depend on a variety of factors, such as weather conditions, track surface material, and overall frequency of use. Even so, we have see a good repainting job last as long as five years.

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